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Donor Prospect Research

Are you part of a non-profit looking for donors? Do you want to ensure the personal backgrounds and philanthropic motivations of your donors align with your organization’s values and mission?

Our customized Donor Prospect reports contain the following:

  • Biographical information: contact details, occupation, age, marital status, education, name, and significant information about spouse and children
  • Philanthropic history: past financial support of charitable organizations, and memberships on foundation boards, highlighting any activities or interests that align with your organizational mission
  • Social and political involvement: membership in clubs, political parties, volunteer activities, other interests
  • Financial capacity: publicly held stock portfolio, real estate ownership, other investments
  • Corporate involvement: membership on company boards, affiliation or ownership of companies.
  • Controversial information: we can uncover information that may be at odds with your institutional goals and objectives by searching media for any controversial or negative history


$115/hr + applicable taxes

Contact us for an estimate of how long your project may take depending on the parameters of your research request.